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  • TEPPEI KANEUJI - 'Teenage Fan Club#42/#79' L/S TEE
  • TEPPEI KANEUJI - 'Teenage Fan Club#42/#79' L/S TEE
  • TEPPEI KANEUJI - 'Teenage Fan Club#42/#79' L/S TEE

TEPPEI KANEUJI - 'Teenage Fan Club#42/#79' L/S TEE

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Born in 1978, while enrolled at Kyoto City University of Arts in 2001, studied abroad at the Royal College of Art (London). In 2003 He completed the Graduate School of Sculpture at Kyoto City University of Arts. Currently, he is a lecturer for students majoring in sculpture at the same university. He collects everyday things and creates works using collage-like techniques. He has a wide range of forms of expression such as sculpture, painting, video, and photography, and seeks to devise a modeling system that consistently reveals the relationship between matter and image. Solo exhibition "Teppei Kaneuji's Mercator Membrane" (Marugame Genichiro Inokuma Museum of Contemporary Art, 2016), "Square Liquid, Metallic Memory" (Kyoto Art Center, 2015), "Towering Something" (Eurence Contemporary Art Center, 2013) , "Melting City, Blank Forest" (Yokohama Art, 2009) and other exhibitions locally and abroad, as well as many stage arts and bindings. Starting with performing arts of the possible spot-produced “Cannot understand each other like home appliances" (2011), and with "tower (TEATER)" (2017-) his started to worked on his own drawings and stage production of video works.

1978年生まれ、2001年京都市立芸術大学在籍中、ロイヤル・カレッジ・オブ・アート(ロンドン)に交換留学。2003年京都市立芸術大学大学院彫刻専攻修了。現在、同大学彫刻専攻講師。日常の事物を収集し、コラージュ的手法を用いて作品を制作。彫刻、絵画、映像、写真など表現形態は多岐にわたり、一貫して物質とイメージの関係を顕在化する造形システムの考案を探求。個展「金氏徹平のメルカトル・メンブレン」(丸亀市猪熊弦一郎現代美術館、2016)、「四角い液体、メタリックなメモリー」(京都芸術センター、2015)、「Towering Something」(ユーレンス現代美術センター、2013)、「溶け出す都市、空白の森」(横浜美術、2009)など国内外での展覧会のほか、舞台美術や装丁も多数。あうるスポットプロデュース「家電のように解り合えない」(2011)での舞台美術をはじめ、「tower(TEATER)」(2017-)では自身のドローイング、映像作品の舞台化に取り組んだ。