Since the end of the 1980s, he continued his musical activities under the name "Violent Onsen Geisha", and in 1990, He released a split LP with an Independent Label in America under the name Violent Onsen Geisha. After that, he released "OTIS" and "QUE SERA, SERA (THINGS GO FROM BAD TO (WORSE)" and other albums.
He was nominated by Sonic Youth, Beck and John Spencer Blues Explosion’s to perform as the opening act in their concert performances in Japan and also has performed overseas such as the 1995 US Tour therefore earning a high reputation overseas. The unit's name was changed to Hair Stylistics in 1997. The album "custom cook confused death" was released in 2004. Since then, he has released numerous works and played live shows. He has also worked as a film critic and novelist, and in 2001, He received the Yukio Mishima Award for "Bouquet of Flowers in Everywhere'' and in 2006 he received the Noma Literary Award for New Writers for ''Grave of the Nameless Orphans’’.
In 2008, He was awarded the Bunkamura Dumago Literary Award for ''Nakahara Masaya's work diary 2004-2007 (boid)'’ and He is well- known for his diverse activities. After the completion of his monthly CD album "Monthly Hair Stylistics" series (Boid), which was released in March 2009, he continued to release a huge number of CD-Rs, and also released a mixed CD from Black Smoker. His essay collection "Life is full of surprises” is to be released in July.

80年代末から「暴力温泉芸者」名義で音楽活動を続け、1990年、アメリカのインディペンデントレーベルから「暴力温泉芸者=Violent Onsen Geisha」名義でスプリットLPをリリース。その後も『OTIS』『QUE SERA,SERA(THINGS GO FROM BAD TO WORSE)』などのアルバムを発表。ソニック・ユース、ベック、ジョン・スペンサー・ブルース・エクスプロージョンらの来日公演でオープニング・アクトに指名され、1995年のアメリカ・ツアーを始め海外公演を重ねるなど、海外での評価も高い。97年からユニット名を「Hair Stylistics」に改め活動。2004年にアルバム『custom cook confused death』を発表以降、数多くの作品のリリース、ライヴなど精力的な活動が続いている。また、音楽活動と平行して映画評論や小説家としても活躍。2001年に『あらゆる場所に花束が…』で三島由紀夫賞、2006年に『名もなき孤児たちの墓』で野間文芸新人賞を受賞。2008年に『中原昌也作業日誌 2004→2007』(boid)でBunkamuraドゥマゴ文学賞を受賞。多岐にわたる活動で知られる。
2009年3月に1年をかけて毎月リリースされたCDアルバム『Monthly Hair Stylistics』シリーズ(Boid)が完結後も、CD-Rで膨大な数のリリースを続けたほか、Black SmokerからミックスCDなどもリリースしている。 7月にはエッセー集『人生は驚きに充ちている』(新潮社)の発売を控えている。