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  • ITTETSU MATSUOKA - 'Yasashiidake 3' CWL Cotton Shirt
  • ITTETSU MATSUOKA - 'Yasashiidake 3' CWL Cotton Shirt
  • ITTETSU MATSUOKA - 'Yasashiidake 3' CWL Cotton Shirt
  • ITTETSU MATSUOKA - 'Yasashiidake 3' CWL Cotton Shirt
  • ITTETSU MATSUOKA - 'Yasashiidake 3' CWL Cotton Shirt

ITTETSU MATSUOKA - 'Yasashiidake 3' CWL Cotton Shirt

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Istetsu Matsuoka

"Ittetsu Matsuoka was born in 1978.
After graduating from the Photography Department at the College of Art of Nihon University, he worked at studio FOBOS before going independent.
While working as a freelance photographer, he launched “THERME gallery” in June 2008. He primarily produces advertising, fashion, and other commercial works, while simultaneously shooting his everyday surroundings and capturing the world through an even perspective. His main solo exhibitions include “ MARII” (Bookmarc, Tokyo, 2018) and “MARII” (Morioka Shoten, Tokyo, 2018), “Purple Matter” (Daitokai, Tokyo, 2014), “Yasashiidake” (Ruroudou, Tokyo, 2014), and “Tokyo Particle μ ” (THERME Gallery, Tokyo, 2011).

Born in Gifu Prefecture in 1978. Currently based in Tokyo. —After graduating from Nihon University College of Art Department of Photography, worked at Studio Phobos and became independent. While working as a freelance photographer, he established Terme Gallery in June 2008 and operates it. While mainly active in commercial films such as fashion and advertisements, he continues to capture the world with an equal eye while capturing everyday life. Major solo exhibitions include “Yasashii Dake” Taka Ishii Gallery Photography/Film (Tokyo, 2020), “Marii” Bookmarc (Tokyo, 2018), “Marii” Morioka Shoten (Tokyo, 2018), “Purple Matter” Daitokai (Tokyo, 2014), "Gentle Only" Ryurodo (Tokyo, 2014), "Tokyo μ Particles" Terme Gallery (Tokyo, 2011), etc. Currently based in Tokyo.

Istetsu Matsuoka has been presenting photographic works belonging to the genealogy of I-photographs, in which his wife, Marie, is the subject of photography, or scenes in which her presence can be sensed, as well as everyday scenes such as rooms and towns. The overarching concepts and verbal interpretations that permeate within us are nothing more than given definitions created by humans, and we reinterpret the world through the non-verbal medium of photography. I continue to try. The images obtained by the photographer's equal gaze, which captures personal everyday scenes in a homogeneous manner, evoke familiar emotions in the viewer from the subject and the appearance of the city, while at the same time affirming the existence of everything that appears there. It also brings a mysterious feeling as if it were doing, and invites you to a quiet but strong work world.
Matsuoka is interested in the flattening of images through color,
The group of works shot with the Olympus μ, which I have been using for many years, has a uniform pale color tone, and creates a unique floating feeling by incorporating blurring and bokeh unique to analog and unique softness. I'm here.
True to the artist's words, "hope is captured in photographs as it is," Matsuoka carefully captures landscapes that continue to sway as if to loosen the rigidly formed world.