At the Lakeside


Column - Culture

At the Lakeside
by the lake.

When certain types of men get together, they always seem to solidify their relationship with each other based on the least common multiple.
Conversely, when women get together, I think they tend to use the greatest common divisor as the norm to stabilize their relationship.
Men's relationships are formed around the nucleus, and women's relationships are formed based on rules.
Of course, we live in a genderless era, but at least this is how the culture of boyhood and girlfriend was born.

What is the lowest common denominator in the Boyhood movement? It's sweet honey.
Fascinated to such an extent that other things cannot be seen, addicted to the essence of honey,
As it absorbs it into itself, it reproduces honey.
Before long, the charm of the honey spreads outside and sweeps the world in an instant.
Be it music, literature, movies, photography,
It changes into various forms and affects society.
The world is wrapped in the scent of sweet honey.

That's how they lived. And they've grown up.
A small lake called loosejoints was created for them when they grew up.
Those who get along well with the outside world and those who don't get along well,
Get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life when you gather on the shores of this lake.
Everyone talks innocently for a while.
Photosynthesis of different cultures takes place around the lake, and eventually new "nectar" is born.

Remember "Grand Royale"? An indie label launched by the Beastie Boys in the 90's along with a major trend in alternative music. It was not only hip-hop, but also a platform for free and unrestricted expression that transcended the boundaries of music such as punk, jazz, funk, and reggae. Deriving from music, they spread their activities to various genres. He launched a magazine, launched a fashion brand, and even held events and shows. Various artists gathered under liberal ideas such as charity festivals and freedom concerts.
"Grand Royal Magazine" was a magazine that summarized their activities. Fans were enthusiastic about the unique visuals and projects, including Bruce Lee in the yellow costume of the first issue. With unique graphics such as the logo on the cover that changes every issue, it is not just a fashion magazine or a culture magazine, but like a label that transcends music genres, it has led youth culture to a happy place as a place for self-expression.
Beastie Boys' Mike D was also a founding member of XLARGE. Kim Gordon, Chloe Sevigny, Sofia Coppola...XLARGE and X-girl fashion icons are also cultural icons, and they took the world by storm.
The "Grand Royal Magazine" always had XLARGE ads. It is a passionate respect for Beastie who supported XLARGE in its early days, and I think the peaceful support from the hugely successful XLARGE was a wonderful relationship with "Grand Royal".

Magazines used to be like hubs of various cultures. The miscellaneous fused contents stimulated each other. With magazines becoming an endangered species, where can we find a platform like Grand Royal Magazine? We don't even have cool patrons like Adam Silverman and Eli Bonus to support the various phenomena derived from XLARGE.

Loosejoints is more than just a brand or label, it's about to become a modern little hub.
It recognizes itself as a small lake amidst the savage rubble after the explosions of large media outlets one after another.
Chatting, laughing, beer and swinging. And new and old works full of "honey".
Until the day when trees grow around the lake, creating a deep forest that attracts birds and animals.

Text: Toshiko Nakashima


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