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"Wear" art.

Miyu Otani, also known as “Omiyu,” says that she has a tendency to see things with her own eyes and pursue what she likes.
Are “loosejoints” worth investigating?


Miyu Otani / Miyu / Focusing on fashion magazines, culture magazines, MVs and advertisements,
She is active not only as a model but also as a writer.
The project launched with various writers and creators is also a hot topic.
Nicknamed "Omiyu", she loves Showa and pure cafes.

I wish I could choose art like I choose my favorite clothes. I've been thinking about that. Then it appeared in front of me. That was <loosejoints>. What does "loose" "joints" mean? When I googled it, it said "loose joints".

Not exactly, but I like loosejoints clothes. The clothes that the director, Shun Sato, always happily explains with sparkling eyes, "Isn't this dangerous?" Yeah, it's all bad. Every time something new is released to the world, I think, "I got hit."
And I like T-shirts. I buy as many as I can. There's something magical about a T-shirt that's allowed. There have been several times in the past when I put my thoughts on T-shirts and sent them out into the world.
The reason why I feel "defeated" is because it's much more witty and cool than what I was doing. Adults who are good at playing are cool after all.

I have many important things. The more memories you have with your favorite things, the more often they evolve into important things, and that's why there are times when it's scary to own your favorite things. Because I like to keep all of those things within reach whenever possible. Just being able to see it is fine. When you fall in love with a piece of art, such as a photograph or a painting, and want to own it, at least keep it within reach of your eyes.
In reality, there's no way I can live in a huge house that can accommodate all my desires, so it's impossible for me to own everything I've fallen in love with. Many times I have walked away from works that I fell in love with at first sight before my feelings deepened. Owning art is physically and emotionally difficult for me. It was those clothes that tried to dispel the sadness of such a broken heart. T-shirts also have the magic of scooping up feelings.

In the words of Mr. Hitoshi Yazaki, a respected film director, there is a saying, "I believe that movies are not something to be understood, but something to be felt." This word is one of the guidelines for me when I face things.

I want to apply that kind of feeling not only to movies but also to art. In the past, when I heard about art, I used to get a little defensive, wondering if it was okay for someone like me, who had no knowledge of it, to step into it. This is a biased way of thinking in the past due to my seriousness, but I thought it was out of the question to see an artist's work without knowing what kind of background the artist had and how they created the work.
I think these are definitely things you should know. But isn't it better to know first or see first? And one day the screw in my head came off. For some reason, I was tempted to take a detour and assume the order. The important thing is what comes out of your head when you first encounter the work.
So, now that I've realized that ``the shape of the work doesn't matter,'' I think that <loosejoints> is an art that can be ``wearable''. Rather than being timid and unable to step into a world where you can glimpse from the outside, I decided that I would be happier in a world where I could pick it up and wear it with my intuition and feel good and loose my heart and learn new things. there is
I can't believe that "wearing art" will teach you the joy of being involved with art.

The <loosejoints> T-shirt has such magic.

Published: GUGGENHEIM Vol.03 (2021AW)



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