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The order reservation meeting 2022 is back!

Omiyuko and Miyu Kotani, who are indebted to us, have come back again this year for their very popular and popular project, an order reservation event!

This time, from the 22AW collection, Omiyu chose artworks by Noritel Minezaki, CHOU YI, and CLAY ARLINGTON.
This time, we have jointly produced a sweatshirt in a special bespoke color.

Photographed by video artist and photographer Daisuke Shimada,
Please take a look at the 9 adorable looks of the 3 artworks by Omiyu-san's self-makeup and styling!

- '&' Crew Neck DARK NAVY

If the body and print were the same color, I wonder if it would look plain from a distance. This limited version of the same color immediately gave shape to my vague idea. It looks black, but it's actually a dark navy. So what's the truth? Unfortunately, it didn't look plain, but I was very satisfied with the appearance, which aroused the curiosity of those who accidentally found it and wondered, "What is that?" It's also fun to be curious about what and who is on both sides of you wearing this &. Come along for a commemorative photo! (Miyu Kotani)


Even if you combine the orange with the powerful logo, it will be useful as a vitamin C-like item that will make you feel refreshed in the cold season.
I grew up with my grandmother telling me to eat oranges in the winter. Wearing this and eating oranges at the kotatsu is actually one set. It's a very lively sweatshirt, so it's actually a versatile item that can be worn with anything. (Miyu Kotani)

- 'Happiness' Hoodie OFFWHITE

Black is the most comfortable outfit! I think, but only white sweatshirts have a sense of security like a futon, and I really want them.
If you look closely, how about choosing the main color of the day from the colorful artwork that is full of things that make you wonder and want to enjoy color coordination for everyday use? (Miyu Kotani)

Miyu Kotani × loosejoints
The order reservation meeting 2022 is back!

(Reservation period)
September 22, 2022 (Thursday) 11:00 to October 3, 2022 (Monday) 23:59

*Reservations are now closed.

(estimated shipping date)
Scheduled to be shipped sequentially from early November to mid-November 2022

*In the case of multiple purchases of ordered products and regular products, delivery will be at the same time as the ordered products. Please note.

Styling, self-makeup, model
Ms. Miyu Kotani

Active in modeling and writing, focusing on fashion magazines, catalogs and advertisements.
On the other hand, he also works on projects with various writers and creators.
I love Showa and pure cafes. Her nickname is Miyu.


Filmmaker / Photographer
Daisuke Shimada

Started his career as a filmmaker, photographer, and video director. Directing numerous commercials and MUSIC VIDEO,
He has won numerous awards at home and abroad, including the Cannes Advertising Festival.
In 2018, he dissolved the video production company Kotori Film, where he served as representative.
Currently working as a writer.