Multimedia artist Vernon O'Meally creates work that visualizes the unseen forces that arouse our senses and inspire and activate our lives. These forces include the powers of music, energy and emotion. Through his unique artistic language, he is able to visually describe both his auditory and visual experience of the world around us, and the sense of awe it produces. Building on his body of work since 2015, O'Meally focuses on and examines his emotional and visual responses to music through his own personal and ritualized approach to process .

multimedia artist. By visualizing invisible forces (music, energy, emotional power), he creates works that stimulate and activate our senses and personal lives. Through a unique artistic language, Vernon visualizes the auditory and visual experience of our surroundings. Since 2015, he has been creating work that focuses on the emotional and visual response to music through his own approach to personal and ritual processes.