Daisuke Yokoyama

1977 Born in Niigata. Established Sasquatchfabrix. in 2003 based on the concept of HIGH PERFORMANCE VANDALISM. ALWAYS PRESENTING A SENSE OF FRESHNESS.

Brand Philosophy : I believe that fashion strongly reflects the people of the times, and that is how it should be. It should always be avant-garde. In order to express our own "fashion", we set strong themes for the times, and while repeating the affirmation and negation of classical, we create avant-garde and "playful" clothes. In addition, as we enter an era where the world shares information at the same time, cultural homogenization is progressing, and regional clothing is disappearing. Pursuing the reality of a new era, making things with an ethnic character that can only be made by people who live in a specific region or who lived in this era is one of our important themes.